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Volunteers create a Cleaner Air Street in Islington

cleaner air street event islington

A group of our volunteers turned a side street of a busy Islington road into a Cleaner Air Street

cleaner air street event islington

Our volutneers taught people how to create hanging gardens using old pallets and plastic bottles

cleaner air street event islington

We've been training local volunteers in Islington to help other residents reduce their emissions

cleaner air street event islington
15 June 2015

On Sunday (14 June 2015) a group of our volunteer Cleaner Air Champions turned a side street of a busy Islington road into a Cleaner Air Street, where instead of parked cars you could find a pop up park filled with lots of exciting activities all about healthy and clean air.

Together with the Air Quality Officer at Islington and Pop up Parks, the Champions created the cleaner air street during this year’s Cally Festival , to bring peoples’ attention of the problem of poor air quality and ways we can all help.

Whilst children enjoyed making smoothies on the smoothie bike, chalking and playing in the street, the parents talked to the volunteers and AirAware campaigners.

One of our volunteers Dan set up a DIY green wall making stall, where he taught how to create hanging gardens using old pallets and plastic bottles.

The Mayor’s giant interactive air pollution globe also made an appearance and attracted all sorts of audiences to experience what it would feel like if the pollution particles were bigger and visible.

Volunteers promoted quieter cycling and walking routes as well as London’s air pollution forecast service such as airTEXT and London Air.

Maddy, one of the participants said:

“I learnt lots of things that you can do to limit contribution to air pollution besides transport, like planting or recycling”

Visitors to the Cleaner Air Street left behind pledges about how they would make little changes to have a positive impact on air quality like “not to idle my car” and “cycling more often, even when it’s raining or cold or dark”.

Islington, which is an Air Quality Management Area, has been working with us on our Cleaner Air Champions project to find and train up a group of people who live or work in the borough to help others reduce their emissions or promote ways in which people can protect their health.

One of the Cleaner Air Champions, Dani, said:

“Kids want to play in clean air – we should shut the roads more often”.

Find out how to become a Cleaner Air Champion.

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