We strongly support the need for universal 20 mph limits

20 miles per hour sign on residential street

DfT figures reveal 81% of cars exceeded the speed limit on 20mph roads in 2016

7 July 2017

Recent findings published by the Department for Transport show that eight out of ten drivers are ignoring the 20 mph speed limit.

Commenting on the report, Tim Burns, our Senior Policy and Partnerships Advisor said:

“We have been concerned about this issue for a long time.

"Respecting speed limits makes our streets safer, more inclusive and attractive for all users, in particular for vulnerable road users, including pedestrians, cyclists, users of disabled scooters, visually impaired people, and children.

"There is a growing body of evidence around the world showing that reducing speed limits on roads can reduce the risk and impact of collisions, helps our towns and cities thrive and can make streets more appealing for walking and cycling.

"We strongly support the need for universal 20 mph limits for all urban areas across the UK. However, whilst government figures suggest people do drive more slowly where these limits exist, many motorists do not observe the official speed limits present.

"A recent audit of a contra-flow cycle lane in a one-way road in a residential area of Norwich showed that 40% of the cars observed were exceeding the 20mph limit. Even more concerning was the fact that 40 vehicles were recorded travelling at over 50mph.

"Whilst 20mph speed limits have been succesful in reducing overall speeds, it is important to ensure all drivers abide by actual limits. We therefore advocate their use in parallel with the redesign of streets, traffic calming measures, and enforcement where necessary, to encourage positive change.”

Data source: DfT vehicle speed compliance statistics and report

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