Sustrans highlights its latest research and delivery work at the Cycle City Active City conference

Presenting our latest work at Europe’s biggest cycling and active travel conference

10 May 2017

We will be one of the special guests at the Cycle City Active City conference, taking place in Bradford on 11 and 12 May 2017. 

Five delegates will highlight our latest delivery and research projects helping to take walking and cycling in the UK to the next level, through presentations, discussions and interactive workshops.

Speaking at the conference, our CEO, Xavier Brice will say:

"When Sustrans was founded 40 years ago, cycling in the UK was a fringe activity in decline; it’s now becoming fashionable, but it’s still not mainstream.

“In addition to money and political leadership, we need to deliver solutions that make it easier for people to walk and cycle. Delivering solutions that learn from the lessons of the past by combining infrastructure, behaviour change and that involve communities will make us all healthier and happier, and create places over the next 40 years that we are proud to pass onto our children and generations to come.”

In addition to money and political leadership, we need to deliver solutions that make it easier for people to walk and cycle.

- Xavier Brice, Sustrans CEO

Sustrans delegates

Dr Andy Cope, Director of Insight

Andy will be chairing a cycling monitoring & evaluation workshop, “Cutting edge techniques and developments to make the case for change,” on Thursday at 10.30am.

It will look at the most pressing policy questions that monitoring and evaluation can help answer, along with innovative data gathering and using the intelligence for effective influencing.

Tim Burns, Senior Policy and Partnerships Advisor

Tim will follow with a presentation about Bike Life, our flagship project, which aims to enable local authorities, city transport planners and wider industry professionals to make the case for everyday cycling in cities.

Will Haynes, Head of Built Environment

Will will be running a 30-minute interactive activity, “Replicating Quietways outside London”, as part of a speed learning track, at 3:35pm. It will see participants cycle through a route (viewing a video of the route on a laptop) and then identifying issues and marking these up on an A1 sized map of the route. 

They will then be encouraged to think about how Quietway-type interventions could be used to overcome these issues and create a new route. This session builds on our groundbreaking work in London, to deliver a network of quiet cycle routes, as part of Transport for London’s cycling and walking programme.

Xavier Brice, CEO

Xavier will join an expert panel discussion, “Walking & cycling development: the next level,” on Friday 12 May, 9:30am. He will highlight the pressing need for cycling investment, political leadership and innovative solutions which have community engagement at their heart – all to drive the increasing popularity of cycling.

Rosslyn Colderley, Director England North

Rosslyn will present our vital work with schools, “Empowering future generations: engaging the next generation in co-creating the school run and neighbourhoods.” Drawing on examples from Bradford and elsewhere, she will highlight the need for an integrated approach addressing individual, cultural and environmental factors to transform the school run.

About Cycle City Active City 

Cycle City Active City is Europe’s biggest cycling and active travel conference bringing together experts in active travel policy, infrastructure design and delivery, behaviour change marketing, public health campaigns and evidence, place-making inspiration.

Over the two-day event we will be inviting participants to plan their own version of the London Quietway themselves by going on a ‘Go-Pro journey of a local route and suggesting interventions for cycling. There will also be a chance to find out about Sustrans’ new strategy. Find our stand in the Exhibition Hall D3, and follow us at @sustrans.

Our presentations

Walking and Cycling: the next 40 years - Xavier Brice at Cycle City Active City Bradford 2017 from Sustrans

Investigating Cycle Safety - Martin Laban at Cycle City Active City Bradford 2017 from Sustrans

Bike Life - Tim Burns at Cycle City Active City Bradford 2017 from Sustrans

Empowering Future Generations - Rosslyn Colderley at Cycle City Active City Bradford 2017 from Sustrans


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