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Sustrans Cymru's reaction to Prosperity for All, Welsh Government's new national strategy for Wales

 Prosperity for All document cover
Cyclist turns on a corner on a road

Photo credit: J Bewley

19 September 2017

We welcome the publication of 'Prosperity for All', but it must be matched with funding.

The key areas of the document that we welcome include:

  • The promise of an integrated public transport network combined with measures to boost walking and cycling; including a single National Transport Plan and commitments to the South Wales Metro and North Wales Metro
  • Ensuring regeneration builds community resilience and boosts well-being
  • The commitment to support a 'substantial increase in people's physical activity' and 'community approaches' to encouraging more active lifestyles
  • Measures to reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality.

Welcoming the publication of 'Prosperity for All', Steve Brooks National Director for Sustrans Cymru said:

"The new national strategy for Wales is a welcome development and should, if implemented correctly, focus minds within government and guide policy and spending decisions.

"Wales faces a complex set of challenges in the coming years, and Welsh Government is right to place a greater effort on tackling the root causes of problems.

"To improve Wales' prosperity and wellbeing, Welsh Government will need to work in a new way and cast aside traditional departmental boundaries. 

"The new strategy identifies walking and cycling as an area that's key to Wales' future prosperity and the well-being of its people.

"The first key test will be this autumn's budget. Allocating more of the transport budget to walking and cycling for example, will provide greater returns for other areas like economic development and public health.”

To deliver the new national strategy, Sustrans Cymru is urging Welsh Government to boost investment in cycling and walking. This cost effective investment requires minimal levels of infrastructure compared to other transport options, and it delivers significant, far-reaching benefits to the economy, health, the environment and employment.

Brooks added:

"Wales' world leading Active Travel Act puts us in a position to take the lead and demonstrate how an increase in funding for walking and cycling can pay dividends in terms of prosperity and well-being. Local authorities and charities need certainty that Welsh Government will continue to fund the implementation of the Act"

For more information contact Steve Brooks on [email protected] or 07525 619 622.