Sustrans’ Bike to School Week rolls through the UK

24 May 2017

We’re encouraging families across the UK to take part in our Bike to School Week 2017 (5-9 June) and discover the benefits of cycling, scooting and walking.

Bike to School Week is an opportunity for children and parents to kick-start active travel habits and switch to cycling, scooting or walking for the school journey.

It is also a time to celebrate the good work already being done in schools to inspire more children and their parents to cycle, scoot or walk to school.

To celebrate Bike to School Week, which is open to schools across the UK, we’ve produced a series of teaching resources helping explore the benefits of travelling by bike, scooter and foot.

Activities range from planning the school journey to conducting a traffic survey, calculating calories burned and carbon emissions saved, learning about the effects of activity on the heart and carrying out simple checks on bikes and scooters.  

Chris Bennett, Head of Behaviour Change and Engagement at Sustrans, said: “We hope as many schools as possible will get behind our Bike to School Week, which is a great opportunity to put cycling, scooting and walking under the spotlight.

“The need to rebalance the way we travel is stronger than ever. Cycling, scooting and walking is part of the solution to many of today’s challenges - from air pollution to congestion, childhood obesity and physical inactivity.

“The average primary school journey is 1.6 miles - a distance that can be cycled, scooted or walked as an easy way of building more physical activity into our busy lives (1).”

There is a growing body of evidence that demonstrates cycling and walking has many health, social and environmental benefits.

Cycling, scooting or walking to school helps children get their recommended hour of physical activity a day and maintain a healthy weight.

The proportion of children walking and cycling to school has been declining in England since 1995, with the number being driven to primary school increasing each year - as many as one in four cars on the road during the morning peak are on the school run (2).

Children in the UK now lag far behind their peers in other nations for active travel. Only about 2-3% of UK children cycle to school compared to 49% of all Dutch primary school children (3).

Bike to School Week is funded by the Bicycle Association on behalf of the cycle industry through its Bike Hub scheme.

Ask your child’s school to take part in Bike to School Week this June.

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(1) and (2) Department for Transport (2014) National Travel Survey 2014. (England)

(3) Aldred, R. (2015) Adults’ attitudes towards child cycling: a study of the impact of infrastructure. European Journal of Transport and Infrastructure Research. 

About Bike Hub
Bike Hub is a voluntary levy scheme organised by the Bicycle Association to raise money to safeguard the future of cycling. Participants, including major UK bike brands and more than 1,000 independent bike dealers, contribute to a fund which raises between £300,000 and £400,000 per year. This is invested in major cycling projects run by national charities to encourage more children to cycle safely and often.