The signs are good – but we need to act fast

9 March 2017

Across much of the UK we've experienced one of the mildest winters for years. One of the effects of this is that, thankfully, the National Cycle Network has escaped much of the damage that it often sustains over winter.

This gives us an opportunity to put into place ambitious maintenance plans that we’ve been keen to do for some time.

In past years we've experienced some truly extreme weather, including particularly bad flooding, which caused unprecedented damage to parts of the National Cycle Network. Last winter was one of the worst in recent years, particularly in the North West where bridges were washed away and much of the repair work is still ongoing.

This has meant we've had to focus on repairs to the Network. There hasn't been the time or resources to undertake all the work we've wanted to.

Now we've enjoyed ones of the mildest winters in a long time we can undertake some of the long term maintenance tasks that will really make lasting improvements to the Network.

Some of the work we’d like to get on with:

  • Lay a section of tar spray and chip surface on Route 45
  • Reinforce and stabilise a steep embankment on the Castleford Greenway
  • Refurbish The Old Transformers artwork on the C2C
  • Replace bridge parapets on the Colliers Way
  • Improve drianage at Swiss Valley near Llanelli.

With your help we can take advantage of this all too rare opportunity and make lasting improvements that will stand the Network in good stead for years to come.

Please us act now to ensure the future of the National Cycle Network.