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Safer school for Streatham students

A group of pupils outside the school

The project reduced the volume and speed of cars outside the school

The new planters outside Granton school

Planters brightened the area up and stopped parents parking on the yellow zig-zags

Parents and children during the school run

Lambeth Council engaged us to try and tackle illegal pavement parking

12 February 2016

Children attending Granton School in Streatham, London are much safer at drop-off and pick-up times thanks to a simple solution that our schools team has developed in partnership with parents, teachers and pupils.

Lambeth Council engaged us to carry out work with the school to help improve safety by tackling:

  1. Illegal parking on the yellow zig-zags outside the school

    The road is much more controlled and safer for the kids, and the planters brighten up our morning.

    - Zoe Osborne, parent of pupil Niyah in Year One
  2. traffic congestion
  3. conflict as parents queued at the school gates.

How we decide what action to take

Over a six month period we worked with parents, teachers and pupils at the school, as well as local residents, to design a solution to these concerning issues. As a result of workshops, neighbourhood walkabouts and colourful pop-up parks wooden planters were designed and installed outside the school. These prevent illegal parking and make the space greener and more pleasant for waiting parents and pupils.

Madeline Gunn, Sustrans communities officer said:

“The planters are a simple, cost effective solution that are already improving safety. They are maintained by the school’s ‘Eco-Team’ and have been a fantastic success, reducing traffic volume and cars travelling at speed."

The results of our project

  • Term-time traffic counts show traffic volumes on Granton Road have dropped by 44% compared to the year before the planters were installed.
  • The average number of cars at school drop-off between 7.30am and 9am decreased from 130 before the planters to 72 now that the planters are in place.
  • Traffic on Granton Road is now slower at drop-off time, improving safety, with more cars travelling at 10-15 mph and fewer at 20-25 mph.

The project was part of our ‘DIY Schools’ work, helping communities to improve their streets and make a positive impact in their local neighbourhoods. 

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