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Road safety applies to everyone – our response to the UK Government’s cycling and walking safety review

man cycling along Vauxhall Street
9 March 2018

The Department for Transport (DfT) has today published a call for evidence on cycling and walking safety in the UK, asking for a range of views and opinions from the public on everything from better infrastructure to education for all road users.

This is part of the Government’s drive to make travel on foot or by bike safer, while encouraging more people to take up cycling at all ages.

Responding, Xavier Brice, CEO of walking and cycling charity Sustrans said:

“We welcome the Government’s ‘Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy Safety Review’ and especially the inclusion of pedestrians in the review. This is something we advocated. Safety concerns are some of the greatest barriers to more people choosing to walk and cycle and we are pleased that the Review is seeking to make it easier for everyone to travel on foot or by bike, and recognises the wide benefits that active travel brings to individuals and societies.

“Road safety applies to everyone, regardless of travel mode and we broadly support the case for a new offence to tackle dangerous cycling. However, it must remain proportional as people on bikes rarely cause harm to others through their own actions but, like pedestrians, are particularly vulnerable to motor vehicles which are by far the largest cause of death and serious injury on our roads. It is therefore good to see this as only one part of a much wider safety review to enable more people to walk and cycle every day.”

Sustrans is part of the DfT’s Cycle Safety Sounding Board advising on the review.

We are pleased with the overall framework of the call for evidence, particularly as it highlights factors that can ensure safe and reliable ways to travel actively, including infrastructure and traffic signs.

We will be working with the Government and other organisations to ensure the review is part of a broader road safety review and that it delivers practical solutions to improve safety for pedestrians and people on bikes.

The call for evidence opens for 12 weeks until early June.

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