Recycled bottle top art project at Leicester Primary School

school children on a dual-use path

The artwork is unveiled by Councillor Sue Waddington and pupils from Glebelands Primary School. Photo courtesy of Leicester City Council

recycled bottle top displays

Artwork made from recycled plastic bottle tops. Made by pupils at Glebelands Primary School. Photo courtesy of Leicester City Council

12 October 2018

We've been working with pupils, parents and staff at Glebelands Primary School to create a display on a local dual-use path, Churchbell Way.

The artwork aims to encourage more pupils, staff and parents to cycle, scoot or walk to school along the path. 

Working alongside Leicester City Council, we helped the school to recycle used plastic bottle tops and design the display.

Our work with the school 

The project began at the start of 2018 as the school collected hundreds of colourful plastic bottle tops. The designs were created by Glebelands Primary School in partnership with Sustrans. 

The younger children at the school separated and sorted the bottle tops. The older children and staff then fixed the bottle tops onto wood footprints, bike wheels and logos. Finally, the shapes were arranged and attached to a fence which lines a section of the path.

The artwork was unveiled on Monday 8 October by local Councillor Sue Waddington.

The project was very popular with the students and one year 6 pupil said:

“The Bottle Top project was a great way of using plastic materials to make something from. I enjoyed creating the different designs and glueing and screwing them together. It was great fun and I hope we can do it again!”

Commenting on the project Lawrence Lee, Glebelands Primary School Headteacher, said:

“The Bottle Top project was truly a whole-school approach with children, staff and parents getting involved. We are incredibly pleased with the finished result and even more proud of the fact that we can share our hard work with the local community. Sustrans gave us the push we needed to get the project off the ground and I would like to thank Nichola for all of her support from start to finish.”

The success of the project was also welcomed by Nichola Jackson, our Schools Cycling Officer in Leicester who worked with the school. Commenting on the initiative she said: 

“When plastic usage is an on-going global issue, we wanted to do a project which combined recycling, active travel and art.

"The location of Churchbell Way was ideal, and after gaining permission to put the artwork up, the bottle tops came in thick and fast. The finished project really brightens up the path and it’s great to see the children so proud of their work. The staff, parents and pupils of Glebelands Primary School have put in a huge amount of time and effort into this project and I hope it will be enjoyed by the local community.”

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