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Putting active travel on the agenda

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11 April 2016

We have teamed up with NI Greenways and Cycling UK (formerly CTC) to gauge the position on cycling and walking of candidates running for the Northern Ireland Assembly elections this May.

Election Cycle 2016 involves a letter with three questions, signed by Jon Snow, Channel 4 Presenter and Cycling UK President, which has been emailed to all candidates standing in the election.

The three simple questions have a yes/no answer and allow candidates to comment further if they wish. All answers will then be posted on the Bikefast campaign website so anyone who is voting in this election can decide for themselves who is supportive of policies that will make Northern Ireland a healthier, greener and more prosperous place.

We know for example that cycling is an easy way to incorporate exercise into our daily life. It is emission free and for every pound invested in cycling the economy gets five back.

The questions are:

  • Investment. Do you support funding for cycling in Northern Ireland of at least £10 per head of population, so as to encourage safer cycling conditions and see more people start cycling?
  • Greenways. Do you support the development of traffic-free greenways across the country to boost rural regeneration and tourism?
  • Legislation. Do you support the introduction of an Active Travel Act to incorporate cycling and walking provision into land-use planning and new developments?

Read more information on the Election Cycle 2016 campaign.

Please note candidates' responses will be available to view from Monday 18 April to give them a chance to reply.

Our manifesto for Northern Ireland Assembly election.

This campaign follows on from the launch of our manifesto for Northern Ireland in January. We have been lobbying all the political parties to support a range of policies to promote active travel and sustainable transport.

We would encourage all voters to ask candidates and those canvassing for them in the next few weeks if they support long-term investment in cycling and sustainable transport generally.

We have summarised four key manifesto asks for Northern Ireland which we would like to see implemented in the next Programme for Government.

Download and read a full copy of our manifesto for Northern Ireland [445KB].

Read more about our policy work in Northern Ireland.