Our response to the Walking and Cycling Statistics England 2017

Oxford road Manchester, segregated cycle superhighway ©2017, Livia Lazar/Sustrans, all rights reserved
30 August 2018

Responding to the Walking and Cycling Statistics, England, 2017, Xavier Brice, CEO for Sustrans, the walking and cycling charity, said:

“Whilst it is encouraging to see that walking continues to increase at the national and regional level, it is disappointing to see that levels of cycling have not changed nationally or regionally compared to previous years. Cities with well-established cycling cultures such as Cambridge and Oxford unsurprisingly record the highest prevalence for cycling at least once a week.

“This confirms what is already widely known – that good quality cycling infrastructure combined with behaviour change programmes is responsible for increased cycling uptake. Protected cycling infrastructure also helps break down a barrier for those people who don’t cycle because of safety reasons, a number one concern according to the data.

“The UK Government recommends people build active travel into their daily commute to increase levels of physical activity yet it fails to take bold steps to turn that into reality.

“We urge the UK Government to prioritise the development of safe and high-quality walking and cycling routes to enable more people to walk and cycle.”

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