Our response to the cycle registration scheme at Stanley Park High in Carshalton

Credit Brian Morrison

25 September 2018

Commenting on a new registration scheme which will force pupils at Stanley Park High in Carshalton, South London, to use number plates when cycling to and from school, Chris Bennett Sustrans Head of Behaviour Change said:

“The UK is currently facing a public health crisis for young people, both in terms of obesity and air pollution. Active travel to school is part of the solution for both of these issues and we need to be taking radical steps to make it easier for children to cycle, not more difficult.

"Up to 25% of car traffic in the morning is generated by the school run with many of these trips being over very short distances. We need to focus on the problems this creates and respond by making streets safer, easier and more attractive for cycling and walking.

"A registration scheme for bikes is, at best, a distraction and out of step with many schools across London who are opening roads to people, and closing them to motor traffic, at the drop-off and collection time so children can have a safe, fun and healthy trip to school. This would be more consistent with the school’s statement that ‘our absolute priority is the safety of our students’.

"Sustrans would love to talk to Stanley Park High about this approach."

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