Nicholas Crane to present BBC Radio 4 Appeal

Nick Crane with his bike
5 August 2015

TV presenter and travel writer Nicholas Crane is due to present a BBC Radio 4 Appeal, to raise money for Sustrans and the National Cycle Network.

The appeal, due to be aired on Sunday 6 September, coincides with the 20th anniversary of The National Cycle Network.

During the appeal, Nicholas will call on listeners to help us maintain and enhance the National Cycle Network for future generations to enjoy.

The money raised by the appeal will help maintain and enhance the National Cycle Network and support our volunteers, by providing them with the training and equipment they need to carry out this vital work.

Nicholas is a long-term supporter of Sustrans and he's been cycling on the National Cycle Network since it was created 20 years ago.

Nicholas said:

"Thanks to Sustrans I've freewheeled along disused railway lines and coastal trails, across historic viaducts and on beautiful city routes.

BBC Radio Appeal badge

“For me, cycling is about freedom; escaping the pressures of everyday life."

Sustrans’ BBC Radio 4 Appeal will be live from Sunday 6 September, and will be aired at 07:55 AM and 21:25 PM and again on Thursday 10 September at 15:25PM.

Find out more about how we're celebrating 20 years of the National Cycle Network and how you can involved.

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