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Mum's the word on cycling infrastructure

Mums at Herbert Morrison School, Lambeth with bikes

Mums at Herbert Morrison School, Lambeth learning to ride on our course for parents

Cyclists on Quietway 5 in London

As their training progresses, parents explore new routes like Quietway 5

24 August 2017

We want to make walking and cycling easier, so we all have the choice to make journeys safely and conveniently on foot or by bike. We also know that overcoming barriers and adopting cycling and walking has enormous benefits for our health, our communities and our streets.

Introducing Quietways: Opening up London for anyone wanting to cycle at a gentler pace

Quietways are a new way to cycle in and around London using connected backstreets, parks and waterways to create secret passageways through the capital. They’re a fantastic way to enjoy getting about by bike at a gentle pace, as the routes are well marked with purple signs, so they’re easy to follow.

They’re also perfect for all abilities, ages and backgrounds, so they’re great for those new to cycling or those who regularly cycle but want to avoid busy or fast traffic. And more sections of the Quietways network are opening across the capital over the coming months and years.

Alongside our work helping Transport for London to deliver Quietways to help get more people out on their bikes, we also we also work with kids, parents and teachers across the capital.

It’s not only kids that benefit from training

We work with hundreds of schools, teachers and parents, across London on our “Bike It Plus” programme in schools. Funded by TfL, it helps to give entire communities around a school the confidence to change how they travel. And we recognise that parents set the tone for travel at home, so we run training just for them.

If you think cycling isn’t for you, our Mum’s group who’ve recently trained in Lambeth say it is!

Mums from South London who have been on our training programmes tell us that Quietways are essential in giving them quiet confidence.

With mums taking to two wheels for their everyday journeys, they’re also set to help change the travel habits of their children - unlocking a lifetime of enjoyable and healthy travel options for their families. 

When behaviour change meets infrastructure improvements, big things can happen.

“Bike It You Can Too”: What parents think

“I knew how to ride a bike but I’ve never cycled on the road. I’m now cycling to work every day, I feel really lucky that I’ve met such lovely people during the programme. The trainers were so supportive."

“The sessions have taught me how to cycle safely and have given me a huge boost of confidence when cycling on the roads. I’m looking forward to using cycling as a new form of exercise, commuting, going on family rides and encouraging my little girl to get on a bike."

“At the start of the course all the parents had different cycling abilities. It’s been lovely how we’ve all supported one another and encouraged each other to continue training."

“My young boys are so confident on a bike, I’m now able to keep up with them."

“We absolutely love Quietways, the new routes are fantastic. We’re all excited to explore the network this Summer."

What schools think

“The parents’ cycle course at Herbert Morrison Primary School has been a huge success, parents talk about the positive impact learning to ride has had on their lives; as well as raising their awareness of the benefits of sustainable travel on their health and the environment.

"The new Quiteway (Q5) cycle route, which parents experienced in one of their training sessions, is a welcome addition to the community to enable more young people to walk and cycle to school.

"Hosting the course has been an absolute pleasure. The trainers came well equipped which led to the smooth, non-invasive running of the course." - Vanessa Bennett, Assistant Headteacher, Herbert Morrison Primary School.

What pupils think about their mums taking a cycling course

"It’s good because it's been a long time since my mum rode a bike. I'm looking forward to riding with her."

"She's good, she's getting better. I go riding with my mum now, I enjoy it and we laugh a lot when we're riding."

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