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Millennium mileposts get makeover

Two older men paint blue, red and green milepost, one with high vis vest on, in a rural setting.

Volunteers Richard and David put the finishing touches on a milepost painted by local Brownies on Route 75, near Bathgate

Milepost outline on left hand side, with sunset and view over Coatbridge.

Milepost overlooking Coatbridge, Route 75

Painted white milepost against brown wall, with parked bikes on either side.

Preparing a milepost at Cowcaddens subway station in Glasgow

17 February 2016

To mark the 20th anniversary of the National Cycle Network (NCN) last year, we appointed Cosmo Blake as our Mileposts and Artworks Officer and, so far, we’ve given over 30 Millennium Mileposts across Scotland a fresh look.

We have been working with our volunteers, as well as local schools, Brownies and community groups to brighten up and restore the mileposts. A further 45 mileposts have been earmarked for painting in 2016. Ranging in colour and design, the artworks help to provide an enhanced experience to path users.

Over 1,000 Millennium Mileposts were installed around the UK, with 175 of those in Scotland. These were put in to celebrate the establishment of the NCN and to mark the new millennium. Now, 15 years on, thanks to the annual inspections carried out by our routes volunteers, we know that many of them are in need of attention.

Dispersed as far north as Shetland and as far south as Jersey, if all of the mileposts were placed between John O’Groats and Land’s End then you could cycle past a milepost every mile!

Commenting on the progress, John Lauder, National Director for Scotland, said:

“Artworks such as the Millennium Mileposts are important to encourage people to enjoy the journey and not just aim for the destination. The ultimate aim of the National Cycle Network is to help more people to get active by making everyday journeys on foot and by bike. I am delighted to see the progress of this project, made possible by the collaboration between staff, volunteers, and members of the public.

“With over 2,370 miles across Scotland, the National Cycle Network has become a treasured part of our communities and heritage, and I look forward to see the project progressing, working closely with the support and knowledge of local groups and volunteers.”

Milepost and Artworks Project Officer, Cosmo Blake said:

“Working on this project has been a joy! I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to explore the country as I go about painting mileposts. I aim to create a unique design for each milepost that catches the eye as you pass. I am looking forward to the weather improving so I can get back out to enhancing these valuable pieces of public art and help promote sustainable travel.” 

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