Mayor to fund London cycling to Danish levels

Group cycle along cycle lane in London

Transport for London to commit an average £154m per year for cycling over the next five years

5 December 2016

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has today set out a commitment to invest record levels in cycling over his term. This amounts to £17 per head per annum – a similar level to that spent in Denmark and parts of the Netherlands.

The Transport for London (TfL) Business Plan commitment of £770 million over the next five years will enable Transport for London and London boroughs to deliver major improvements to London’s streets and roads.

The decision to transform London into a modern European cycling city is fantastic news for the growing number of people choosing to cycle or walk and those currently put off by busy traffic.   

Matt Winfield, London Director for Sustrans, said:

"The Mayor is right to secure this record investment for cycling to tackle city’s dire air quality, high congestion and ill-health, while making more efficient use of our limited road space.

"It will help more Londoners get around in a way that’s easy and affordable while making London an even more attractive place to live, work or do business.

"Having more cycle lanes that are protected will make cycling in London an attractive option for everyone, regardless of their age or ability and whatever time of day they need to travel. Measures to make our side-streets and residential neighbourhoods more liveable and better for cycling and walking will improve quality of life for all who live, work or travel along them.”

What does it involve?

This new cycling budget will aim to achieve the target of 1.5 million cycle journeys per day by 2025/26.

TfL announced that next year:

  • two new Cycle Superhighway proposals will be consulted on
  • work will continue in the existing mini-Hollands
  • at least twenty more Quietways will be planned or rolled-out, enabling thousands more Londoners to get about quickly without having to use a car.

Further analysis will develop a strategic cycle network that identifies potential new Cycle Superhighways and Quietways, as well as new Liveable Neighbourhoods.

The budget also includes:

  • completion of phase two of the North-South Cycle Superhighway from Farringdon to Kings Cross, which will begin construction in 2017
  • extension of the East-West Cycle Superhighway from Lancaster Gate
  • work to deliver Cycle Superhighway 11 from Swiss Cottage to the West End imminently.

Mayor of London shows leadership

Before the election the mayor pledged to ‘sign for cycling’ by tripling the extent of protected space for cycling; rolling out safer, ‘direct vision’ lorries; and providing a framework for funding a ‘mini-Holland’ in every borough by 2026, thanks to the London Cycling Campaign.

In the press release issued today by TfL, Sadiq Khan says:

“I said in my manifesto that I’d be the most pro-cycling Mayor London has ever had. Today I’m delighted to confirm that TfL will be spending twice as much on cycling over the next five years compared to the previous Mayor. Making cycling safe and easier can provide huge benefits for us all – improving our health, cleaning up our toxic air, and helping tackle congestion.

"By spending £770 million over the course of the next TfL Business Plan, we’ll now be spending the same per head as Denmark and many parts of the Netherlands – places famous around the world for their cycling. 

 “Our plans include consulting on two new Cycle Superhighways next year, in addition to a new East-West Route. And unlike the previous Mayor, we will continue to focus on how we can minimise disruption and congestion as we push ahead with the construction of new cycling infrastructure. 

 "With record amounts of money now committed for cycling in London, we will continue to work over the coming months developing further detailed plans for making cycling a safe and obvious choice for Londoners of all ages and backgrounds.” 

The Mayor will very shortly be appointing a new walking and cycling commissioner for London. The Commissioner will be an advocate for active travel in London – raising the profile of both cycling and walking, and working with TfL to make cycling safer and easier.

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