London Council Candidates pledge safer streets for cycling and walking

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Pledges are being made ahead of council elections on Thursday 3 May

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Hundreds of Londoners have emailed their borough candidates

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The pledges commit to improving streets for cycling and walking

2 May 2018

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Council leadership candidates are signing up to our safer streets pledge ahead of Thursday’s London local elections.

As Londoners get ready to vote for their councillors on Thursday 3 May 2018, prospective council leaders are signing up to Sustrans ‘Streets for People’ pledge to demonstrate how they intend to improve streets in their borough.

We’re delighted that so many prospective council Leaders and Mayors are able to personally endorse the Sustrans Streets for People pledge.

- Matt Winfield, Sustrans' London Director

What is the Sustrans Streets for People pledge?

The Streets for People Pledge asks council leaders to use their term to:

  1. Create three neighbourhoods free of through-traffic
  2. Create at least two schemes that connect the places people need to go to with protected space for cycling on busy roads
  3. Ensure redesigned streets are easy and safe for people on foot to cross and are truly accessible to all
  4. Create places people want to be, by enhancing and increasing public and pavement space and introducing seating, shade and shelter

Matt Winfield, London Director for Sustrans, said,

“The hundreds of emails Londoners have sent to their council candidates shows just how seriously we all care about cleaning up air pollution from traffic and making our journeys on foot or cycle safer by creating streets for people.

“Nearly two-thirds of the journeys Londoners make every day are by foot, cycle or public transport, yet our streets are still dominated by motor-traffic. With London’s borough councils controlling 95% of the capital’s streets, we’re delighted that so many prospective council Leaders and Mayors are able to personally endorse the Streets for People pledge.

“The four commitments that make up the Streets for People pledge represent tried and tested things boroughs can deliver with the money they get from Transport for London. They’re based on real life examples from across the city, with real benefits for residents."

What can voters do?

Over the course of the election campaign, hundreds of Londoners have taken part and emailed their local candidates asking them to sign up to the pledge.

Help us to get more pledges - take a minute to email your candidates

Who has signed up to the pledge?

Sustrans has received pledges from 26 prospective leaders and Mayors, representing four political parties and covering 16 of the 32 London boroughs.

This is a list of candidates fully pledging.

Council Conservatives Green Party Labour Party Liberal Democrats
Camden   Sian Berry Georgia Gould  
Ealing Gregory Stafford   Julian Bell  
Greenwich   Greenwich Green Party    
Hackney (Mayor)   Alastair Binnie-Lubbock Philip Glanville Pauline Pearce
Hammersmith and Fulham     Stephen Cowan  
Haringey       Gail Engert
Harrow Barry Macleod-Cullinane      
Islington   Islington Green Party    
Kingston Kevin Davis      
Lambeth   Lambeth Green Party Lib Peck  
Lewisham (Mayor)   John Coughlin Damien Egan  
Redbridge   Waltham Forest & Redbridge Green Party    
Southwark       Anood Al-Samerai
Sutton Tim Crowley Sutton Green Party Christopher Woolmer  
Tower Hamlets (Mayor) Dr Anwara Ali MBE   John Biggs  
Waltham Forest   Waltham Forest & Redbridge Green Party    
City of Westminster     Adam Hug  

What have others said?

Sustrans wrote to all current council leaders and opposition or group leaders in all 32 boroughs on the 22 March. Of those that have not committed to the pledge outright or at all, we received the following responses:

Borough Council Response
Enfield Cllr Daniel Anderson, Labour, stated "we have demonstrated a clear commitment to healthier and safer streets with our ongoing rollout of, and commitment to, both our Quieter Neighbourhoods and Cycle Enfield programmes." However, they felt they could not "commit to the first pledge to eliminate [through-traffic] fully in any neighbourhood at this time. All the rest of your pledges are deliverable and in line with our plans.”
Islington Response from Cllr Richard Watts, Labour (PDF)
Lambeth Lambeth Lib Dems were "pleased to confirm that our party is strongly committed to delivering liveable streets and a better experience for pedestrians and cyclists. Our manifesto is closely aligned with Sustrans priorities, and we are supporting the My Liveable London campaign."
Redbridge Cllr Paul Canal, Conservatives, expressed support for pledges 2, 3 and 4, but reserved support for 1 pending case by case further assessment.
Richmond Richmond Liberal Democrats: expressed support for points 3 and 4, regarding point 2 they stated: "We would look out for opportunities to do this but it would require more work to establish how many situations meeting these criteria exist in the borough or can be achieved". Regarding point 1 they stated: "It would therefore be disingenuous of us to commit to a specific number of such schemes here and now though we are in no doubt as to its general desirability."
Wandsworth Response from Cllr Ravi Govindia, Conservatives (PDF)

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