John Lauder, Deputy CEO of Sustrans, calls on Scottish Parliament to back the 20MPH (restricted roads) Bill.

20 mile per hour road sign

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12 June 2019

John Lauder, Deputy CEO of Sustrans, and National Director Sustrans Scotland, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland calls on MSPs to support the 20MPH (restricted roads) Bill.

On 13 June, the Scottish Parliament will be voting on making 20 mph the default speed limit on residential roads across Scotland.

There is strong evidence that slower speed limits save lives and prevent injuries (studies have shown a fatality risk of 1.5% at 20 mph versus 8% at 30 mph).

There is also major public support with 66% approving plans to lower speed limits on residential streets. Encouraging more people to walk and cycle, helping to create safer places for people to live, work and travel.

A national approach, rather than a local authority by authority roll out, would be cheaper and help avoid confusion amongst motorists.  

Sustrans Scotland believe the evidence presents an overwhelming and irrefutable argument towards lowering residential speed limits and call on MSPs to follow the example set recently in Wales and legislate to set the restricted roads default speed limit at 20mph in Scotland.

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