How you can support 20mph in Bristol

Cyclists cross Baldwin Street, Bristol

Photo: Jonathan Bewely ©2017

Cyclist on protected path, Clarence Road Bristol

Photo: Jonathan Bewely ©2017

a crowded built-up street in Bristol

Photo: Jonathan Bewely ©2017

16 July 2018

We fundamentally support 20mph and the benefits slower, safer speeds bring to the city and to vulnerable road users.

Our policy is that all built up areas should have a default 20mph speed limit as one of the most effective ways of reducing danger on our roads. A person hit by a car travelling at 30mph is 8 times more likely to die than if hit by a car travelling at 20mph. Research into Bristol’s 20mph limits by the University of the West of England has shown that they save lives, and benefit Bristol’s economy by as much as £15million per year.

We are seeking your support. Bristol City Council has just started a review into the city’s 20mph limits which we would urge you to participate in. Councillors will be receiving feedback from their constituents until 31 August 2018.

Without action to safeguard 20mph, we fear that Councillors will only be influenced by those who would like to see slower, safer streets revert to 30mph. Please follow this link to complete the online survey for roads where you live, your children go to school and where you shop. These three categories are important. Most people support 20mph on residential streets and around schools. However the consultation asks for views on main roads too – this is where most of our shopping high streets are, where people need to cross the road while walking children to school or where we commute by bike to work. We believe 20mph on streets like Gloucester Road, Church Road or Wells Road are as important as the nearby residential streets.

The consultation is simple to complete, and crucially, only the ‘About You’ section needs to be completed for your views to count. This should take no longer than three minutes of your time.

Take part in the 20mph review survey