Helping people get around Taunton

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Over the coming months a team of friendly travel advisors will be offering personalised travel information and incentives to Taunton residents

19 June 2017

This week Sustrans launched a new project to help reduce traffic congestion in Taunton. The Getting Around Taunton project aims to help local residents make informed travel choices that are better for their health, pocket and the environment.

Over the next two years our team of project officers and travel advisors will engage with residents on their doorsteps, through their places of work, at school, at college and in their community. The team will provide information, skills and motivation to encourage more people to walk, cycle, use public transport and car share for more of the journeys they make every day.

This summer we will be delivering Personalised Travel Planning (PTP) to make households in the south of Taunton aware of all their local travel options.

PTP Project Officer Ruby Tobin had this message for residents:

“Over the coming months a team of friendly Travel Advisors offering personalised travel information and incentives may be knocking on your door. If they do, take advantage of this unique opportunity to save money, improve your health and save time. From the newly updated Taunton Walking & Cycling Map, to the latest bus timetables and local walking initiatives, there’s a whole host of information on offer.”

Alongside the PTP project, Sustrans active travel officers will be forging new links with local schools, colleges, businesses and community groups to enable more people to be able to travel actively and sustainably to work, school or within their community.

The Officers will provide interactive and fun sessions, events and activities to get more people on their feet, bicycles, on the bus and train and sharing their car journeys. They will do this through providing bike maintenance courses, Dr Bike sessions, cycle training, led rides and walks and information events to name but a few. If you would like to hear more about this through the Getting Around Taunton newsletter, please email [email protected]

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