Help us repair the flood damaged Network

Flooding on the National Cycle Network

Severe flooding has damaged vital parts of the Network

Flood damage on the National Cycle Network

We spend on average £1.3 million fulfilling our maintenance responsibilities

Landslide on the National Cycle Network

We now need to clear ditches, remove debris and reinstate bridges

4 March 2016

In response to the unprecedented challenges we're facing this year we’ve recently launched our Safeguard the Network Appeal.

Wettest winter on record

We already rely on donations to be able to spend on average £1.3 million a year fulfilling our maintenance responsibilities. This year though we’re also grappling with record breaking levels of rainfall and severe flooding which have damaged vital parts of the Network.

The challenges we now face range from clearing ditches and replacing fencing to removing debris and reinstating bridges. Only with a mammoth effort can we begin to restore pathways and bridges that have experienced major flood damage.

Please support our appeal and help us safeguard the paths and routes we all love.

Funding cuts meets our gloomiest predictions

The Comprehensive Spending Review, have made transport funding across England a major casualty of the cuts. We face losing a third of our income. We’ve always been very successful at securing a variety of grants and gifts from friends and supporters, but this is not enough to shield us from these debilitating measures and we need your help.

In response to these cuts we have already taken tough decisions to reduce our costs and minimise the effect on key areas of our work. We’re expecting to have to undergo further significant restructuring this year which is likely to impact those who deliver cycling support to many thousands of children in schools.

The funding cuts in this time of austerity are forcing us to look seriously at changes at all levels in the charity, from our central teams to our English regions. We’re making hard choices everywhere and scaling down what we can do.

This is why, only with your support at this critical time, can we attempt to address many of the most pressing maintenance problems caused by the flooding.

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