Have your say on 20mph in Scotland

Sustrans Scotland support 20mph in residential areas

15 May 2017

Sustrans Scotland is encouraging members of the public to respond positively to the consultation on introducing default 20mph speed limits in residential areas across the country.

20mph speed limits significantly improve safety, reduce traffic noise and make it more appealing for people to walk and cycle, which has numerous additional benefits to society.

Our National Director John Lauder is urging people to participate. He said: 

“Sustrans Scotland welcomes the launch of this consultation on Safer Streets. It is well evidenced that people feel safer walking and cycling in 20mph areas.

"20mph areas help to increase social interactions and physical activity levels, they make it easier for people, particularly children and older people, to cross roads and they reduce traffic noise levels.”

The Proposed Restricted Roads (20mph Limit) Bill consultation is open until 15 September 2017.

Have your say on 20mph in Scotland

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