Government action off track with evidence on climate change - Sustrans responds to the IPCC report

people walking and cycling in a city
8 October 2018

Responding to the report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) which for the first time outlines the impact of global warming of 1.5C, Andy Cope, Director of Insight at Sustrans, walking and cycling charity said:

“This report provides a much-needed call to action for the UK Government to urgently transform the way we move in cities, if we are to avert the dramatic impacts of global warming. This is something we have been advocating for a while.

"New evidence suggests that comprehensive changes in our relationship with transport are needed if we are to limit the worst effects of climate change, with a shift away from the car to walking and cycling being one of the most effective solutions. Without these changes, we risk irreparable damage to the environment, and to society.

“Currently, the UK Government policies are off track with this evidence. If the UK is to make its contribution to worldwide efforts to stave off the very worst effects of climate change, we need to act fast on UK transport policy, and to urgently rebalance transport investment patterns. We need to cease investment in transport solutions that serve a historic and damaging paradigm and prioritise walking and cycling.”

Read Andy Cope's latest blog on City Metric "To combat climate change, we need radical changes in the way we commute"

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