Gold medallist Joanna backs Big Pedal

Joanna Rowsell Shand with a gold medal

Cycling, walking or scootering to school helps kids get enough exercise and stay healthy

22 March 2016

The Big Pedal is the UK’s largest inter-school cycling and scootering competition inspiring pupils, staff and parents to travel to school by scooter or bike.

Big Pedal 2016 will take place between 18 and 29 April and over 1,300 schools across the UK have signed up so far, from as far south as Penzance and as far north as the Shetland Islands.

The aim of the competition is to inspire teachers, parents and pupils to ditch the car and get to school by bike or scooter. Schools taking part in the challenge compete to see who can record the greatest number of pupils, staff and parents cycling and scootering to school.

Joanna Rowsell Shand says get cycling

I’m calling on schools around the country to sign up and be part of the UK’s biggest school cycling and scootering event.

- Joanna Rowsell Shand

London 2012 gold medallist, Joanna Rowsell Shand, is calling on schools up and down the country to encourage children to get on their bikes and scooters this spring by signing up to the Big Pedal.

Taking time out of her training schedule ahead of the Rio 2016 Olympics she said:

Cycling is a great way to keep fit and healthy and the Big Pedal is a fantastic way to start commuting by bike.

“It’s brilliant that so many schools have signed up to the Big Pedal. With over a month to go I’m calling on schools around the country to sign up and be part of the UK’s biggest school cycling and scootering event.”

Big Pedal is run by Sustrans and funded by the BikeHub. Ben Merry, Senior Project Officer, Primary Education at Sustrans, said:

“Joanna was part of those magical few weeks during London 2012 that inspired millions of people to become active.

"We’re honoured she’s backed the Big Pedal and hope it encourages even more schools to take on the challenge.”

Is your school taking part in the Big Pedal challenge?