Dumfries community group gain official recognition after Street Design project

Dumfires based community group receives £1000 grant

DG1 Neighbours Community Group after being awarded a £1000 grant from Sustrans.

11 December 2017

A Dumfries community group, formed as part of a Neighbourhood Street Design Project to improve an area in the Victorian quarter of the town, has celebrated their official status as a constituted community group.

Residents from Queen Street, McLellan Street, Brooke Street and Cumberland Street came together to form DG1 Neighbours in 2014, as part of the five-year project with Sustrans and Dumfries and Galloway Council.

The local group, played a vital role in shaping the changes to their neighbourhood, from helping to create the innovative art work to choosing the traditional Victorian street lights and gateways. Their engagement and commitment to the project has helped to make the area more attractive to live and safer for people to walk and cycle through.

DG1 Neighbours’ new status as a constituted group means they are now able to access funding and support to help maintain the improvements to their local area and build on the project legacy. And to mark the occasion, the group have been awarded a £1,000 grant by Sustrans to help to kick-start works.

Sustrans Scotland Project Coordinator for Street Design, Emily Davie said:

“DG1 Neighbours’ ideas and continued involvement in the regeneration of Queen Street and the wider area has ensured that the neighbourhood has been reclaimed for those everyday activities that really define a community, such as feeling safe to walk and cycle, stopping for a chat with neighbours and coming together for fun local events.

“By becoming officially recognised as a constituted group, residents have ensured that the legacy of the Neighbourhood Street Design Project will continue long into the future.”

Chair of DG1 Neighbours, Robert Rome said:

“Thanks to Sustrans and Dumfries and Galloway Council for their support and assistance in helping us to become a constituted community group. We now look forward to using the grant from Sustrans to build on the successful outcomes of this project.”

Leader of Dumfries and Galloway Council, Elaine Murray said: “All those involved in the Neighbourhood Street Design project should be proud of not only the physical work delivered but the legacy that now exists in the shape of DG1 Neighbours. This was an ambitious project which wouldn’t have been as successful without the backing of the local community who were involved at every level of the project and actively participated in the look and design of their area. Through the constitution, the community group should feel more empowered to take forward their ideas to the next level and this grant should help them to do just that.

The Neighbourhood Design Project has been jointly funded by Dumfries and Galloway Council and Sustrans Scotland with funding from Transport Scotland.

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