Coleraine schoolchildren ask politicians for safer streets

St John's PS pupils present safer streets manifesto
13 April 2015

Pupils at St John’s Primary School, Coleraine, recently met Mayor George Duddy and councillor Stephanie Quigley to present them with their manifesto for safer streets.

The school took part in a national project led by Sustrans by exploring the streets around their school and suggesting ways of making their area safer and greener.
The pupils' manifesto was created after they launched their own investigation into traffic speeds and the other reasons they can’t walk, cycle and scoot to school. 
We are aiming to make 20mph speed limits compulsory in areas where people live, work, socialise and play.

Being able to play outside and walk or cycle to school makes kids healthier, happier and better learners.

- Kieran O'Neill,
St John's PS Headmaster
Headmaster Kieran O’Neill said:
"We want a school environment where children are able to play freely outdoors, and travel to school in ways that are good for their health and for the environment. The children have been keen to investigate the traffic problems in the local area and are excited about the opportunity to really make a difference. Being able to play outside and walk or cycle to school makes kids healthier, happier and better learners.”
St John’s Primary School has been working with Sustrans since September 2014 as part of the Active School Travel programme, which promotes active travel on the school journey.
Cllr Stephanie Quigley is a keen cyclist herself, and was very impressed at the progress made by pupils and staff to increase active travel. She said: 
“The Active School Travel programme is a fantastic way to incorporate exercise as part of a healthy daily routine and encourage our children to walk, scoot or cycle to school in a safe and greener  environment.
"As a past pupil of St. John's PS, it was a real treat to meet the enthusiastic Year 7 children, and their manifesto was so professional and really outstanding. I am committed to making our streets safer for children to be outdoors and get moving. It was very valuable to hear the key findings from the Year 7 Big Street Survey, and I look forward to partnering with Sustrans and other statutory agencies to address these important concerns. The 20 mph speed limit being compulsory in areas where we live and play is simply a must.”

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