Can we talk about Boulevard De Saint Brieuc?

21 June 2018

Some people called out a tweet that we posted yesterday about new infrastructure in Aberystwyth. 

Like you, we want to make Wales one of the best countries in Europe for walking and cycling. Whilst progress is being made, Wales still has a long way to go, and I share the impatience of many that we’re not there yet.

Part of our role in Wales is to champion best practice. That means praising local authorities when they’re making progress and calling out what we see as poor infrastructure.

This morning I told Assembly Members the way roads are maintained is dangerous for cyclists and needs to change.

Sometimes the difference between good and poor practice is obvious, sometimes it’s not. And sometimes we make a wrong call. We listen to and reflect on what people say, and we learn.

In terms of the scheme in question, was it an improvement to what was there before? Yes.

Could it have been better? Yes.

Should we have been less enthusiastic to praise it? Yes.

To make Wales better, we need to push the bar on what good infrastructure looks like. This more than ever now extra money is being invested in active travel in Wales.

I’ve read your Tweets, heard your views and that has helped us learn.

Steve Brooks
Director, Sustrans Cymru