Calling for a new Clean Air Act

15 March 2018

In response to the findings of the unprecedented joint parliamentary committee report on improving air quality, Xavier Brice, our CEO said: 

"We welcome and support the findings of the ‘Improving Air Quality’ report.

"The Government must act now to form a new Clean Air Act, fit for the 21st century, that improves existing legislation and enshrines our right to breathe clean air into UK law. 

"We also support the need for a broader Clean Air Fund, partly funded by the automobile industry under the polluter pays principle, and for the need to bring forward the date by which manufacturers must end the sale of conventional petrol and diesel cars, in line with more ambitious commitments from around the world. 

"It is clear that we must reduce the number of journeys from private motor vehicles on our roads to improve air quality. To do this the UK Government should show leadership by helping local authorities to enable more people to travel by bike and on foot for shorter journeys.

"This will improve the air we all breathe, particularly in more deprived communities which are disproportionately affected by air pollution, whilst also reducing congestion and increasing physical activity. It is time for the Government to take bold action to save lives."

We are a member of the Healthy Air Campaign which is raising awareness about air pollution and pushing for action. 

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