Bike Life means progress for city cycling

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Bike Life reports on the views and thoughts of people who cycle and those who don't

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Each Bike Life city reports every two years, tracking progress and perceptions over time

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Bike Life showcases the role that the bike plays in making cities more pleasant to live in and move through

28 March 2017

We are collaborating with seven cities in the UK – Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Greater Manchester and Newcastle – to report on progress towards making cycling an attractive and everyday means of travel.

Bike Life is the biggest survey ever conducted on attitudes to cycling in the UK. Presented as seven city reports, Bike Life helps us understand the current state of cycling, as well as capture the public's aspirations for the future.

The findings help us develop a deeper understanding of what is working in terms of cycling investment whilst making the case for further investment that will help to develop cycling, and unlock the potential for increasing the number of people riding bikes.

The reports are inspired by the Copenhagen Bicycle Account, and give an assessment in each city of cycling development, the facilities available for people cycling, and new initiatives that are being developed.

The information in the reports comes from local data and includes a representative survey of citizens in each of the cities, reporting on local:

  • views and perceptions on cycling provision
  • attitudes to bikes and people riding bikes
  • level of expectation for cycling in their city, including levels of investment and areas they’d like to see prioritised.

The next reports will be published in autumn 2017.

The seven Bike Life reports were produced by Sustrans with the support and co-operation of the participating authorities. The Bike Life project is supported by The Freshfield Foundation.

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