Applications to Community Links Programme continue to soar

cyclist on a bridge
17 February 2014

Sustrans Scotland is pleased to report that we have received a record number of applications to our Community Links Programme for 2014/15 and 2015/16.

The Community Links Programme is a grant scheme run by Sustrans Scotland that provides funding for the creation of cycling network infrastructure for everyday journeys.  It is a key element in Sustrans Scotland’s commitment to meeting the vision of the Cycling Action Plan for Scotland (CAPS) that 10% of trips will be made by bike by 2020.  Local authorities and statutory bodies can apply to Sustrans Scotland for up to 50% funding for proposed projects.

In total we have received 196 applications, equating to a total grant request of nearly £33million.  These will now be carefully assessed by our Community Links Team and the best projects will be selected to take forward.  We will be in touch with applicants to let them know if their bids were successful by 4th April 2014. 

Tom Bishop, Community Links Coordinator, said:

“Sustrans is delighted to have received a record number of applications to our Community Links Programme and we will now be working hard to carefully select the projects that best meet our criteria.

“Sustrans is committed to ensuring that communities are better connected with their surroundings, with their local facilities and most importantly with each other.  We want everybody in Scotland to have the opportunity to walk or cycle their short everyday journeys safely and quickly.”      

The Community Links Programme undertook 63 projects in 2011/12 and 99 projects in 2012/13. In 2013/14 we are committed to over 100 projects.    

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