Traffic-free cycle routes in Edinburgh

Discover Edinburgh by bike, using a series of free Sustrans Scotland maps that highlight some of the many traffic-free paths across the city.

Edinburgh Loops and Links are a simple set of informal maps with descriptions, designed to support people in Edinburgh who are not used to cycling in road traffic or are cycling with young children. As such these routes are almost entirely traffic-free, and where they do use a road it’s either very quiet or for such a short distance that you could walk that section.

Our maps aren’t a comprehensive guide to Edinburgh but offer encouragement to get out and about. Even experienced cyclists might find a new route for a more relaxed trip.

Please note these maps are based on Openstreetmap data. Openstreetmap is created by a large network of ordinary people rather than a professional survey organisation, so we cannot guarantee its accuracy.

These routes are also available as GPX downloads

GPX files can be used in a GPS device or with many mapping apps on smartphones or other devices.

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