Wildlife conservation on the Network

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Our volunteer are wildlife heroes - they carry out wildlife surveys and maintain habitats

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We want to make quality spaces that people enjoy spending time in

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We design and maintain our greenways to make them attractive for people and wildlife

A third of the National Cycle Network is traffic free and many of our routes run through parks, nature reserves or other natural spaces that support a variety of wildlife. Our greenways provide a home for many species and also act as corridors or stepping stones that enable wildlife to travel through the landscape. 

One of the major threats to nature in the UK is the fragmentation of natural habitats, this makes these corridors for wildlife particularly valuable.

We want to make quality spaces that people want to spend time in, to encourage them to get out of their cars to walk and cycle more for journeys of every kind.

We design and maintain our greenways to make them interesting and attractive for people as well as to protect wildlife and encourage it to flourish. 

Greener Greenways is our first large-scale biodiversity project. We currently have over 200 amazing Wildlife Champion volunteers who maintain habitats on the routes, carry out wildlife surveys and run community activities.

Our volunteers are the front line stewards and local advocates of our routes. By training and supporting them they are able to to advocate the natural significance of the greenways and to run nature walks and work days for the general public.

They are essential to getting local people engaged with wildlife and routes in their area as well as for monitoring and maintaining the greenways.

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