National Cycle Network level of service measures

People cycling and walking on traffic-free path ©2018, Jonathan Bewley

Seven level of service measures have been developed to enable the quality of the user experience on the National Cycle Network to be assessed.

These measures will be assessed based on the answers to a series of criteria for each measure. This will provide information on how the condition of the Network is changing over time and inform interventions to improve the quality where required.

1. Accessibility

Whether all users can access and travel along a path.

2. Surface quality

Whether the surface is smooth, well maintained and well drained.

3. Traffic-related safety

Whether on-road sections are on sufficiently quiet roads and whether busy roads can be crossed safely by all users.

4. Way-finding and signage

Whether the route is signed clearly and consistently.

5. Flow

Whether the path is wide enough to enable all users to travel at comfortable speeds, whether there are any barriers which would interrupt continual movement.

6. Social safety

Whether it feels a safe place to be.

7. Place

Whether the route is attractive and interesting.