Help to look after the National Cycle Network in Scotland

Three people cycling along the National Cycle Network in Scotland

There are a number of quick and easy ways that many of us can help to look after the National Cycle Network in Scotland.

If you come across an issue, the first step is to consider if you are able to tackle it yourself or if it needs to be reported.

If you are considering helping out on the Network, here is a guide to help you get started.

The Network Action Grant Fund can offer grants of up to £750 to support registered charities, social enterprises and other constituted community groups in implementing improvements on the National Cycle Network in areas across Scotland. Find out more at the Network Action Grant Funding for Community Groups page.


If there’s a small amount of litter, please try to collect and dispose of it – see Keep Scotland Beautiful’s #2minutecleanup guidance and ask us for one or more reusable litter bags. We can also support you to organise a bigger litter pick.

If you come across other small problems on a traffic-free route, such as broken glass or stray brambles and you are able deal with it safely, please do.

Larger complications such as fallen trees, fly tipping, significantly overgrown vegetation or potholes along both on and off-road routes, should be reported to the land manager or marked on a public website like Fix My Street.


Issues with National Cycle Network signage, e.g. a missing or turned sign, can be marked on a public website like Fix My Street, or reported to Sustrans at [email protected]. If we are able to address the problem, we will, otherwise, we will pass it to the land manager.

Task days

We hold regular task days on traffic-free sections of the National Cycle Network in Scotland, in agreement with local land managers. We carry out habitat management for wildlife and litter picks with volunteers, members of the public, unpaid work teams and corporate volunteers.

If there is a part of your local traffic-free Network that needs regular attention, talk to your local Access Officer as they may be able to help or may arrange to work with us in organising a regular activity.

Check out our events for a task day near you.

Millennium mileposts

In 2000, Sustrans commissioned four artists from England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales to design cast iron ‘Millennium Mileposts’. 175 of these mileposts are on the National Cycle Network in Scotland and we work with communities and volunteers to keep them looking good. Get in touch if you would like to paint a milepost in your area.

Wildlife on the Network

If you enjoy looking for wildlife, you can add sightings on the National Cycle Network on our iRecord. We share all wildlife sightings for non-sensitive species with National Recording Schemes, Local Record Centres and Vice County Recorders (VCRs).

Is your local route not part of the National Cycle Network?

No problem! You can still do your part to help contribute to the standard of all walking and cycling routes in Scotland by collecting litter and reporting problems. However signing repairs and path maintenance will be the responsibility of the local land manager.

Got a few hours to spare and would like to help look after your local route? Check out our events section for a volunteer task day near you.