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Maintaining the Network

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We know that there are sections of the National Cycle Network in desperate need of repair.

Who is responsible for maintenance?

Responsibility for maintenance of the National Cycle Network mainly lies with the owners of the land. Mostly this is Local Authorities or other major landowners like the Canal and River Trust or Network Rail. We own a small proportion of the National Cycle Network, and thanks to our supporters’ kind donations, we’re able to spend over £1 million on vital repairs to these sections every year.

What are we doing?

During 2015 we carried out a full review of the National Cycle Network to get an accurate picture of the condition it is in across the UK. We’ll use this information to work with partners to call on governments for dedicated and ongoing funding for the development and maintenance of existing walking and cycling routes, including the National Cycle Network. 

We want to show our governments that it is just as important that they provide dedicated funding to maintain the National Cycle Network, and other walking and cycling networks, as it is for them to maintain other transport networks.

Donations are the only income we, as a charity, can rely on each year. All our other funding is to deliver specific initiatives on behalf of government, Local Authorities and others that commission our practical work across the UK. 

Fantastic progress made in the last 20 years

For a charity that has fought so hard to establish walking and cycling as a key part of people’s travel choices, it’s painful for us to see that sections of the National Cycle Network are in desperate need of repair. We’re concerned that the fantastic progress made in the last 20 years is under threat and so we’re doing something about it. Join us.

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If you love the National Cycle Network like we do, help us call for funding to maintain it.

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Whether you walk, cycle, run or ride a horse, there's plenty of opportunity for adventure and getting involved!

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Cycling is a great way to have fun as a family and these routes have lots of things to see and do along the way.

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Your donations will help maintain the National Cycle Network and provide safer routes for everyone to enjoy.