Sponsor a mile: FAQs

If you have any questions please have a look down the list of answers below or call our Supporters Team on 0300 303 2604 or email [email protected] Thank you.

How much does Sponsor a mile cost?

It only costs £30 to sponsor a mile for a whole year. You’re very welcome to sponsor as many miles as you wish, you pay £30 for each mile.

Is my mile exclusive?

No. We wanted everyone to be able to choose the mile they love. You’ll be able to see online who else shares your love of a mile and why they chose it too.

What will I get for my sponsorship?

You’ll be supporting the amazing National Cycle Network and have the chance to share the love of your mile by uploading a picture and message to the Sponsor a mile site. We will send you a special thank you pack which including an exclusive certificate and a reflective bike or bag sticker. You’ll also receive email updates about what’s new on the Network and with Sustrans.

If you’re sponsoring a mile as a gift, your lucky recipient will receive all of the above plus a confirmation email showing the mile you have chosen for them. If you have a photo of your friend you can upload that or choose an icon. The message can be the chance to say why you think they like the mile you’ve chosen.

What does my sponsor money pay for?

All sponsor money pays for the maintenance of the parts of the Network that Sustrans is responsible for. We spend over £1m every year and your donation will go towards these costs. It will not pay for the upkeep of the specific mile you have chosen on the Sponsor a mile site. Ownership of the Network is shared by a variety of organisations as well as Sustrans, such as local authorities, Network Rail, Canal & River Trust and numerous private land owners. 

Where’s my mile?

All 14,200 miles of the Network, traffic-free or otherwise, can be found on the Sponsor a mile map. If it’s not on the Network you won’t be able to sponsor it, but instead why not choose a mile on the nearest route?

How do I know where my mile is?

Your mile starts where you click on your chosen route. A pointer will appear when you click on the map and this shows the start of your mile. A picture of your mile on the map will be shown at the end of the sponsorship process and in your confirmation email. We are not currently able to flag the start and finish of a mile or leave a marker on the main map. As a sponsor, your name and reason for sponsorship will remain on the site and be seen by other sponsors.

How do I re-visit the Sponsor a mile map to see my mile?

At the end of the sponsoring process you’ll see a picture of your mile along with any comment you made on your choice. This will be emailed to you and you can look at your mile again by using the link in the email. Each time you go back to the Sponsor a mile site you’ll see more sponsors and reasons why other people share your love for the Network. If you click on your name where it appears on the site, you’ll be able to see your mile this way too.

What information do I need when giving sponsorship as a gift?

Apart from knowing which mile to choose, you just need to know the gift recipient’s email address and postal address (unless you want to receive their sponsorship pack). Their name will appear on the website alongside a present image and any message you leave.

Can I pay my sponsorship by regular gift?

Unfortunately you can’t pay by either direct debit or standing order at the moment. We may provide this option at a later date.

Can I choose a mile over the phone?

Yes, but if at all possible we would encourage you to go online so you can spend some time exploring the mapping to see which mile you want to choose. If you don’t have access to the website please call the Supporters Team on 0845 838 0651 and we can take payment by credit card. You’ll receive an email confirming your mile and a thank you pack in the post.

What happens at the end of my year’s sponsorship?

We will contact you shortly before your sponsorship expires so you can renew your sponsorship for your favourite mile or perhaps choose a new mile. If you decide not to sponsor again at the end of the year your photo and message will be removed from the site and you won’t receive our Network-specific communications.

There isn’t much information about my favourite mile?

We’re constantly updating our website with new details about our routes so it might just be yours is one of the few we haven’t got to yet. Sorry about that. If you check back soon it should have been updated.