Liveable Neighbourhoods

A Liveable Neighbourhood is a place with healthy streets and public spaces, clean air and priority given to walking, cycling and public transport. 

Sustrans works with communities to create people-friendly places, helping to transform them into attractive, lively neighbourhoods that are safer and easier to travel through on foot and by bike, improving health, well-being and air quality.

This short film shows how areas of Lambeth and Hackney have been transformed into places where people now want to walk, ride their bikes and spend time.

Children and parents walking to school

By adopting the Healthy Streets Approach boroughs can improve air quality, reduce congestion and make London's diverse communities greener, healthier and more attractive places in which to live, play and do business.

This approach provides the framework on which to devise policies and strategies to transform our streets into places we would all like to be.

People cycling on pedestrianised high street in Walthamstow

In Walthamstow, residents and businesses now benefit from safer, quieter streets that are easier to cross, walk or cycle along, with new greenery and an enhanced public realm.

Following the implementation of the TfL-funded ‘mini-Holland’ scheme, motor vehicle volumes have halved as a result. Since the scheme was completed, 14,000 fewer vehicles pass through the neighbourhood each day and residents report being able to hear birdsong again.

Sustrans, winners of the Healthy Streets Awards 2017. 

"The judges feel that no organisation has done more to embody the spirit of healthy streets than Sustrans. We did not have a ‘greatest contribution to healthy streets’ awards category, but if we did then Sustrans would have won it without question."

-Brian Deegan, jury member, at the Healthy Streets Awards 2017

image of leaflet

We’ve been instrumental in the development of the co-design and Healthy Streets Approach, using our 40 years experience to help make active travel a part of people’s lives. Read case studies about how we are helping to make Liveable Neighbourhoods a reality.

Download Delivering Liveable Neighbourhoods in your borough (pdf)