The Learning Journey

Children at school

The Learning Journey sets out a curriculum to introduce knowledge and skills that will develop lifelong active travel habits in young people.

How it works

Organised along five key themes, teachers can link work on active travel to English curriculum objectives.

Learning Journey themes

  • Developing skills
  • Journey planning
  • Safety awareness
  • Benefits of being active
  • Understanding equipment.

The Learning Journey is designed as a map with five routes to choose from, each related to one of the five themes. Objectives within these themes meet those of the national curriculum, which are detailed on the reverse of the map and identified with coded markers.

Suitable for age groups

  • pre-school
  • ages 5-7
  • ages 8-11
  • ages 12-14

When a young person meets an identified objective they are able to move on to the next, regardless of their age group. Equally, if a young person needs to consolidate their understanding of a topic, they are able to return to a previous stage of the journey.

To receive a copy of the learning journey or if you require any other information about our work in education and with young people, please email the Education and Young People's team.