Cycling wakes me up for work and keeps me fit

Kris Breadner on his bike with his daughter sitting in the trailer

Credit: Kris Breadner

Kris Breadner is a teacher in Ballakermeen High School, Douglas. He started riding his bike again in his late 20s and now brings his daughter along with him. For Kris, cycling offers much more than fitness, it wakes him up and gets him going in the morning. 

“I live in Peel on the Isle of Man and I cycle to work in Douglas. It’s about 10 miles one way.

“I cycle three or four days a week. I’m always more awake when I’ve cycled to work and it keeps my fitness up. I have a three-year-old so sometimes I can feel quite tired in the morning. When I drive in I can feel half asleep when I get to school but if I’ve cycled, I’ve woken up by the time I arrive.

Kris grew up with a love of cycling, but found himself leaving the saddle behind during his mid-twenties. However, despite having a child, Kris is now back on his bike and wants to see more action being taken to make active travel a more viable option for everyone. 

“I was on a bike a lot as a kid, as a teenager and at university, then I got into it again in my late 20s. If I’m going anywhere locally I’ll cycle and I have a trailer so I can take my daughter Ailsa too. She loves it!

“I cycle on a B road, mostly not in built-up areas. You don’t see many other people cycling at that time – maybe 5 or 6 other people a day. It’s fairly flat but it can be quite busy.

“Cycling and walking to school should be possible. Most children go by bus, but they mainly live around a mile from the school. If the roads were safer, there’s no reason they couldn’t walk/cycle.

“We need more infrastructure, such as shared pedestrian and cycle lanes and cycle-friendly roundabouts. I’d really like it if the old abandoned railway track parallel to the Peel Douglas road was converted into a cycle route. It’s flat and straight and partly accessible by bike but it’s full of gates. I’ve no doubt that would get more people cycling to work. It’s an open goal, we just need the infrastructure.”

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