Will you start the cycle and help more children learn to ride a bike?

Around 90% of children in the UK don’t get enough exercise, and it’s affecting their ability to focus on school and putting them at serious risk of poor health as they grow up.

When children have access to the training and equipment they need to learn to ride a bike, it can empower them with confidence, perseverance and independence – vital skills they will carry with them for the rest of their life.


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Will you give now to help start a cycle of good for more children and young people?

By giving a gift of £20 to Sustrans, you could help another child take those special first pedals – starting a cycle that could go on to change their life for the better.

Here’s how your support could make a difference:

  • £20 could pay for a new balance bike to help a child learn to cycle – because from wobbly starts do skilled cyclists grow…
  • £45 could fund a training session for teachers to use bikes with their students – leading to lessons that everyone looks forward to!
  • £60 could pay for two children to learn to ride a bike. One of the best gifts they’ll ever receive - and one they’ll never forget!

Your support today could help to start the cycle for many more children across the UK – helping them to ride safely into a happier and healthier future.

Start the Cycle today