Your National Cycle Network urgently needs your help

First Arwen and Barra, then Dudley and Eunice. Winter storms throughout the UK have caused damage to our well-loved National Cycle Network. We urgently need to come together to clear the paths before they deteriorate further.


We urgently need to clear the paths and repair the damage. We’re asking for your help so that once again we can all safely use the Network when we need it.

We need to get out to work as soon as possible.

The extent of the damage means we need to get as many feet on the ground so we can to carry out the work that is desperately required.

We are so lucky to have volunteers that can get out there to tackle some of these tasks immediately. 

They can help to remove debris, clear ditches, and ensure paths are safe for us to use. But they need the right tools, like spades and rakes.

Recent storms have caused damage to the Network. We urgently need to clear the paths and repair the damage. Please donate today.

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Your £20 donation...

… could pay for tools for volunteers to carry out some of the work.

Your donation today will help us create diversions to keep people safe and minimise disruption to their daily lives.

With your help, we can supply signage and information boards to volunteers, so those who really need to use a route can still easily and safely do so.

Donate £20
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Your £40 donation...

… could go towards getting a fallen tree removed.

A single storm can cause dozens of trees to fall and obstruct parts of the Network all over the country.

Resolving this is a big job, which only experts can tackle. We work closely with tree surgeons who can get the paths back in a good state so you can continue to use them.

Donate £40
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Your £65 donation...

… could go towards a metre of path being resurfaced.

As well as closing paths, falling trees cause distressing secondary damage as they crash down on our much-loved routes.

Fences that have been ripped down need to be replaced. Paths need to be resurfaced after cracking under the sheer force of a fallen tree.

Donate £65

Donate today and help us get our paths back to a safe and useable state.

With your support we can begin the enormous challenge of clearing paths, to ensure the Network is accessible for all of us.