Will you help get kids active?

You can help fund vital cycling skills sessions. 

Around 90% of children in the UK don’t get enough exercise, with the average teen clocking up a worrying five hours of screen time a day.

This lack of activity is affecting their ability to focus at school and putting them at serious risk of poor health as they grow up.

You can help fund vital cycling skills sessions.

Sustrans schools officers give children access to the skills, equipment and training they need to ride a bike. Plus, they support families to travel to school actively, starting a healthy habit in so many lives. 

Will you give now to help start a cycle of good for more children?

By donating you could help to provide more of our in-school training sessions, along with the essential equipment needed, to help teach children to ride a bike safely – starting a life-long, life-changing cycle of good.

“I get my energy up when I go on my bike, so when I get to school I’m a bit more ready for anything that’s going to happen, but when I go in the car, it’s just not as exciting. You come in and you feel a bit drowsy. You get into lessons and you’re still half asleep.” - Rowan.

Here’s how your support could make a difference:

  • £10 could help fit new brake pads on a bike to make sure children are able to cycle safely.
  • £20 could pay for a new balance bike to help a child learn to cycle – because from wobbly starts do skilled cyclists grow…
  • £45 could fund a training session for teachers to use bikes with their students leading to lessons that everyone looks forward to!

Your support could help to start the cycle for many more children across the UK, giving them the skills, equipment and confidence to cycle safely.

All donations generously given to Sustrans in response to this advert will be treated as unrestricted funds and will therefore be directed wherever the need is greatest within our charitable objectives.

Start a life-changing cycle of good in a child’s life today.