Will you help more children learn to ride a bike?

Start a life-long cycle of good in a child’s life today.


An estimated 3.4 million children are attending schools where air pollution is over the WHO limit.

As children’s lungs and bodies are still developing, they are even more vulnerable to the dangers of air pollution than adults.

Sustrans School’s Officers support schools to make healthy changes by introducing bike and walking buses, providing training and equipment and supporting Active Travel heroes to keep everyone involved.

Will you give now to help start a cycle of good for more children?

A school in Wales saw a 96% reduction in overall CO2 emissions at their school since they ditched their minibus and families started choosing to travel actively to and from school. You can support more schools to make these changes.

By donating you could ensure more families are supported to make healthy choices and children have access to the training and equipment they need to learn to ride a bike. With the right support, more communities can start a life-changing cycle of good.

Here’s how your support could make a difference:

  • £10 could help fit new brake pads on a bike to make sure children are able to cycle safely.
  • £20 could pay for a new balance bike to help a child learn to cycle – because from wobbly starts do skilled cyclists grow…
  • £45 could fund a training session for teachers to use bikes with their students leading to lessons that everyone looks forward to!

Your support could help to start the cycle for many more children across the UK, giving them the skills, equipment and confidence to cycle safely.

All donations generously given to Sustrans in response to this advert will be treated as unrestricted funds and will therefore be directed wherever the need is greatest within our charitable objectives.

Start a life-changing cycle of good in a child’s life today.