Will you help protect our precious wildlife?

Many bats have lost feeding spaces, food sources and places to roost for the night.

The more than 4,000 miles of traffic-free paths on the National Cycle Network offer the perfect opportunity to install roosting sites for bats.

Will you donate now to help save our precious wildlife?

You can help to provide safe spaces for bats rest across the National Cycle Network. Like the World War II pillbox on National Cycle Network Route 4, which is being developed as a new habitat for bats.

Find out more about the World War II pillbox project.

Donations can also help restore and maintain hedgerows and species rich grassland verges, encouraging insects for bats to feed on. 

Let’s make sure these vital creatures in Britain’s biodiversity have the food and safety they need.

Yes, I'll protect wildlife.

  • £10 could help install a roosting site, and provide a safe haven for bats.
  • £20 could buy the tools required by our volunteers to properly maintain and restore the grassland verges and hedgerows along the National Cycle Network. 
  • £40 could help pay for the specialist knowledge from ecologists to ensure the longevity of our work.

Sustrans has a responsibility to care for the natural environment that surrounds the National Cycle Network.

By supporting a wide range of species, Sustrans can help to improve biodiversity across the UK.

Read more about how Sustrans is supporting nature.

Your support will help to care for nature and all the wonderful creatures that call the National Cycle Network home. 

All donations generously given to Sustrans in response to this advert will be treated as unrestricted funds and will therefore be directed wherever the need is greatest within our charitable objectives.

Protect our precious wildlife