Couch to Cycle

two women on bicycles outside travel hub

Off the couch now ready to go cycling.

Wednesdays from 16th January to 13th February from 6.00 pm to 6.40 pm
CS Lewis Square, Belfast, BT4 1HH

Join the couch to cycle group, to get back into cycling, building up your confidence and fitness by taking part in some group cycle rides.

This group will meet each Wednesday at 6pm for around 30 minutes at the Sustrans Active Travel Hub, CS Lewis Square.  If you can't do every week you can still come along, if you haven't got a bike or a helmet we should be able to help.  booking is ne

The cycle rides will vary in length, starting with shorter rides with the goal to cycle for 30 minutes (no distance set and not travelling at speed).  The group will meet on:

  • Wednesday 16th January
  • Wednesday 23rd January
  • Wednesday 30th January
  • Wednesday 6th  February
  • Wednesday 13th February

If you would like to book a place or find out more contact Pamela or see more information on our CHIPS web page

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