Paving the Way Appeal

Thank you for supporting our appeal. Your donation today is helping us to deliver more traffic-free miles on the National Cycle Network.

How much?

Choose your own amount

How much?

Choose your own amount

Help us pave the way to more traffic-free miles on the National Cycle Network.

We know that for Network users like you, building more traffic-free paths is a priority. That’s why we’ve got ambitious plans.

There are 5,273 miles

of traffic-free routes on the National Cycle Network

We want 5,000 miles more.

But we can't achieve it without you.

Transforming the Network

High-quality, traffic-free routes are key to achieving the Network’s full potential. These are unique and varied paths, separate from traffic and rich in nature.

You can help us double traffic-free miles on the Network by donating today. This means people like you can experience the many benefits they bring. 

Traffic-free for everyone

Our plans aren’t just to deliver more traffic-free miles. We’re also working to improve and maintain existing ones. Some of these are poor quality and difficult to access for many users.

Together, we can make traffic-free paths places for everyone to walk and wheel safely and freely. 

Your donation will support our plans to:

  • Deliver 5,000 more traffic-free miles
  • Remove barriers to existing traffic-free sections
  • Improve surfaces to make them suitable for more users of the Network
  • Make the Network safe and accessible for everyone. 

Donate today and help pave the way to more traffic-free miles on the Network.

Please make a donation

Your gift means we can move forward with our plans for traffic-free paths on the Network. You’re helping make the Network safe, accessible and enjoyable for everyone.