Design and win your own Hedkayse helmet

Enter our competition to have your own design printed onto a multi-impact, foldable helmet worth £150.

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We've partnered with our friends at Hedkayse to bring you a fun competition to design your own helmet.

Choose to enter your designs in one (or both) of our competition categories. 

1. Bristol - and all it encompasses. Read more.

2. The National Cycle Network. Read more.

Winners will receive a Hedkayse helmet worth £150 with their own design printed onto it.


Feeling inspired? Fill in your details below and we'll send you a design template so you can get started straight away.

How to enter the competition

Step 1

Fill in the form and download our helmet design template.


Step 2

Choose your design category (or enter designs for both):- 

1. Bristol - and all it encompasses

Bristol has always been a passionate cycling city. It's where Sustrans was founded.

In 1979, it was where the first miles of what would later become the National Cycle Network was created. To this day, the Bristol and Bath Railway Path remains one of the most well-used traffic-free paths in the UK. 

Can you create a design that epitomises this vibrant city? What does Bristol mean to you? 

Enter the competition


2. The National Cycle Network

With over 12,000 miles of routes crisscrossing the UK, the National Cycle Network is used by millions of people every year. 

Do you have a favourite route? Do you love those little blue and red signs as much as us?

Create a design of what the National Cycle Network means to you.

Enter the competition


Step 3

Once you've perfected your design, send your image to with the following information:

  • Your name, contact email address and telephone number.
  • Your name, age and a valid email address for your parent or legal guardian if you’re under 18.
  • The title of the category you are entering.
  • A few words telling us the story behind your design – including but not restricted to what inspired you.
  • The name you are happy to be made public if you are picked as a winner (e.g. you may want us to use your first name and second name, first initial and surname only, initials only, or “Anonymous”).

The competition ends on 28 February 2022.

Competition terms and conditions

Everything you need to know about the Hedkayse and Sustrans design competition.

Read the terms and conditions

More about the Hedkayse cycle helmet

Hedkayse helmet prize details

The winner of each category will receive a Hedkayse helmet with their design printed on it.

Your winning helmet will also be available to buy in the Sustrans Shop and Hedkayse eCommerce store. 

Sustrans will receive a £50 donation for every purchase of the winning design helmet.


About the Hedkayse helmet

The Hedkayse | ONE is the world's first truly multi-impact cycle helmet, helping Hedkayse lay claim to being the safest on the market today. This is thanks to its core material Enkayse™ which fully recovers after an impact, thus withstanding the knocks and drops of everyday life. Meaning the Hedkayse | ONE can outlast the lifespan of regular cycle helmets which need to be replaced after a single impact.


What's different about the Hedkayse helmet? 

The Hedkayse helmet is multi-impact, multi-fit (one-size fits all), and can be folded to half it's size.

For more information head over to Hedkayse's technology pages