Week 3 challenge

The Human Body

Travel around the human body, learn, explore and get active. 

Download the Human Body poster and cards

What you'll need

  • The Human Body poster and cards
  • A small drawing or photo of you walking, cycling or scooting
Human Body Children's Map
  1. Print off the human body poster and cards
  2. Carefully cut out the fact cards and challenge cards. Place the drawing or photo of you on the Start mark.
  3. Follow the white dotted line until you reach the first station marked ‘1’
  4. Find the first fact card and learn about how walking, cycling and scooting affects this part of the body. Then find the first challenge card and give the challenge a go.
  5. When you’re ready to, move your figure on to the next station. 

You can complete this activity in one go as a game. Or stop off at two stations a day, over five days.

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