Your Outside In activity pack

We've created a single page for you to access all four weeks of Sustrans Outside In resources. 

But don't worry, our School's officers are always coming up with new educational and active ideas. Our ongoing family e-newsletter is full of walking, cycling and scooting-themed fun and inspiration.

To keep you inspired until then, check out our Street Trumps card game. And use the buttons below to navigate to Outside In's weekly resources.

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Week 4

Outside In trumps card game

A walking and cycling-themed card game where you can design your own neighbourhood.

You can complete the task activities or use the cards to play your own game of trumps.  

What you need:

Top tip: you can stick the paper to cardboard to make the cards last longer.

Activity 1

Your local council wants you to create a walking/cycling friendly scheme for the area around your house.

Choose five cards where the walk/cycle friendly score adds up to more than 40.

You find out that you only have a cost score of six to spend in total (££££££). Do you need to change your ideas? Will your scheme be better or worse?

Activity 2

Create a scheme that is both walking/cycling-friendly and car-friendly.

Choose five cards where the walk/cycle friendly score and the car-friendly score both add up to 35 each.

Is the scheme as good as the walking/cycling only scheme in Activity 1?

Activity 3

The next scheme is to make your street as safe as possible.

Design a scheme by choosing four cards where the safety score is 9 or 10. Which do you choose?

Activity 4

Can you make something quickly, easily AND cheaply?

Choose four cards where the quick & easy to do score adds up to at least 25 and the cost adds up to no more than a cost score of five (£££££).

Activity 5

What is the most fun you can have?

Choose five cards with a fun factor that adds up to at least 35.

Activity 6

Make your street as pretty as possible.

Which five cards would you choose whose attractiveness adds up to at least 35?

Activity 7

Choose the best five cards that would make the best scheme for your neighbourhood.

Ask an adult to choose their ideal scheme.

Have a chat about the differences and why each of you think yours would be better. Who can convince the other that their scheme is the best?

Activity 8

Now, have a game of top trumps.