Cyclist on cycle path
Steve Brooks's picture
21 June 2018

Today is Clean Air Day. Sixty-six years on from the Great Smog of London, it should be an occasion when we celebrate efforts we’ve made over successive decades to reduce harmful air pollution in the UK. A time when we look back in bewilderment at how policy-makers let a...

cyclists on a protected bike lane
By Tim Burns,
15 November 2017

Whilst Bike Life 2017 covers a wealth of information, one of the most revealing statistics in this year’s reports is the level of public support for more protected bike routes on our streets.

In the seven cities (Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol,...

Zoe and Felix
15 November 2017

From protected bike lanes to social justice. As part of Bike Life, Bristol-based environmentalist and founder of Kidical Mass Zoe Banks Gross highlights the importance of the right cycling infrastructure in creating a more inclusive society.  

I’ve been riding a bicycle...

Bike Life - cycling in Newcastle
14 November 2017

Cycling levels in the UK peaked in 1949, when 15 billion miles were travelled by bike, equivalent to 37% of all traffic.

People riding bikes played a crucial role in our past and will play an important role in our future.

Cycling will shape how...

Cycling through the City of London (Farringdon to Southwark)
2 November 2017

Measures to support walking and cycling should feature heavily in plans to improve air quality. Transport emissions are among the major causes of air pollution in our towns and cities. Throughout the UK, local authorities are coming up with plans for how to address this...

cyclist on rented bike
1 November 2017

Sustrans and ofo share a simple goal. We both want to give people in Britain the choice to get onto bikes for everyday journeys.

In this blog post, Fraser Seifert, Policy and Strategy manager at ofo UK shares his thoughts on cycling.

Compared to Sustrans, which...